Monday, August 17, 2009

Positive US Indexes Data Brings Gains for USD

The last week ended with significant gains versus other major currencies. But at the same time it ended with decline against the Yen boosted up by optimistic economic figures from Japan. USD/JPY is currently traded 94.50.

The previous week started for the US index with a significant drop caused by pessimistic U.S economic figures. The Federal Budget Balance delivered a negative result, revealing a strong deficit for the federal budget. This fact accompanied by the FOCM decision to leave the interest rates at a record low level added to the USD bearishness. But however, the second half of the week brought much better results and positive releases. The CPI report managed to provide a reversal sign for USD in all Forex crosses showing signs of further recovery of USD.

This week will bring the release of Building Permits and the Producer Price Index (PPI) this Tuesday capable to influence mobile trade. The Building Permits is anticipated to perform the best figures in 8 months.

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