Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planned Layoffs Drop to 2-Year Minimum

The official data on planned job cuts in the USA were announced today. The December figures show the US economic activity began rising.

In December employers declared 45,094 planned layoffs, the lowest reading since December 2007. This figure is 73 percent lower than the reading in December 2008 with its 166,348 layoffs, the official research showed. In the second half of 2009 the employers fired their workers 56 percent lower than in the first half. After the second quarter of 2009 the US economy saw signs of recovery and the situation on the job market improved.

National US unemployment, the key indiator showing the sate of economy, decreased to a seasonally adjusted 10% in November from the 26-year high of 10.2 percent in October. The rate had increased for 12 out of the previous 13 months before November 2009. Analysts expect the national rate to edge up to 10.1% when the US Labor Department releases its December jobs report this Friday.

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