Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Romano Prodi: Greece`s Crisis Has Bottomed Out

Romano Prodi, the former European Commission President during his interview told the reporters that Greece`s financial slump has already bottomed and there is no concern on further collapse of the European united currency system resulted from budget deficit in Greece. According to Mr. Prodi, the euro will strengthen in the Forex currency market as the other Euro-bloc countries avoid following the Greece`s way. The problem with shortfall of Greek budget deficit seems to be over now.

The deficit of budget of Greece already exerted a bad influence on the 16-nation economy as the euro tumbled to its lowest level in last 10 months.

Recently Greek officials announced they do not need cooperation with other European countries as Greece`s economy has enough strength to overcome a 12.7% budget deficit. The government decided to cut spending and to increase taxes. These plans were treated with hostility by working unions staging a series of strikes around the country.

Romano Prodi, who managed to cut Italy`s budget deficit from 7 percent to 2.7% when he was Italian Prime Minister believes that concerns over Greece debt will be subdued soon and euro will pare its losses versus other major Forex currencies.

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