Thursday, June 25, 2009

OECD Economic Outlook

According to the OECD economic outlook its 30 industrialized member countries will rise 0.7 percent next year after dramatic decrease 4.1 percent in 2009. In March, the Paris-based group forecast a 2010 recession of 0.1 percent. According to OECD economic outlook the slowdown in OECD economies is reaching its bottom following the worst decrease for more than 60 years. Though recovery seems to be fragile and weak, as the social and economic damage caused by the worldwide crisis will be lasting for a long time.

The new version of the economic outlook is the first in two years to see previous projections for economic growth most clearly for the industrial economies and the United States. But the economic perspective for the euro area this year have decreased and Japan's have changed little since the OECD's previous economic analyses were published in March. Angel Gurra, the OECD Secretary-General said, that due to firm action to stimulate economies it appears that the countries escaped the worst during this crisis.

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