Thursday, June 11, 2009

Online Gaming Market Analysis in China

A new report about the current situation on China online gaming market was recently released by RNCOS. The report added to RNCOS report gallery under the titled “China Online Gaming Market Analysis”. The market of online games is the most dynamic and developing segment of total China gaming industry. As to this market analysis Chinese market has seen a series of developments encouraged by Internet penetration, fast product development and the process of commercialization.

According to this research there has been an essential strike of the global recession on the gaming industry. The total market revenue grew at 1700% during 2002-2008, and the total revenue surpassed Yuan 18 Billion (US$ 2.65 Billion) by 2008.

The majority of companies performing on Chinese market are located in domestic. The companies located in China have been witnessing fast growth in their total revenue comparing to their foreign competitors. In 2008, revenues obtained by domestic companies grew up to 60% against the 65% growth performed by foreign companies.The market research will help consultants and vendors to receive knowledge on the past, current, and future situation in the industry. It contains forecasts and reviews about development of the industry.

The future perspective mentioned in report has been based on information obtained by interacting with different industry companies, developers, information analyses from research papers, journals and models which are industry-specific.

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