Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Explosions in Spain provoke Euro’s fall.

The attempt committed today in Burgos (Spain) has caused 46 injured men and 38 of them have been moved to sanitary centers of this Spanish city. It is most likely that there is no threat to their lives. People just have small courts and wounds.
According to the investigation, the responsibility of this act is to ETA.

The explosion took place in the back part of a house barracks of the Civil Guard, located in the suburbs of Burgos, in particular in Jerez street.

The deflagration damaged the paving and some neighboring houses.
The cameras of supervision marked that the source of the explosion was a car that parked on the Jerez Street.
The area is still surrounded, while the investigation continues and medical services try to help to affected.
These events influenced on Euro positions on Forex market. In the morning, in Asia people begun to sell Euro and Euro dropped relatively to JPY.People connected with Forex trading guess that Euro sales will be short-term ones, but today’s positions for Euro will be weak because of pre-planned purchase of obligations.

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