Friday, July 10, 2009

Todd Gordon Issues “Forex Trading Using Fibonacci & Elliott Wave”

A famous forex analyst issued a DVD release of his book revealing major problems connected with forex trading. From this perspective, Todd Gordon’s training DVD can be of much use. You might read any forex trading book, yet the practice of an experienced trader such as Todd Gordon may really help. And as any respected trader, he has developed a system based on the Fibonacci & Elliott wave.

The idea behind is quite simple – trade on pairs of currencies based on certain patterns. As most of the technical analysis, it relies on the recent events to forecast future. The difference of the technique illustrated on the DVD’s is that it also tests the past models on real-time data – thus allowing to mark profits on a relatively secure time.The difference between the successful investor and the average one is the knowledge on the main features of the market. Todd Gordon made a good work on sharing the audience with his experience.

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