Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bearishness as Future for Dollar

The advance of the USD continues. The EUR/USD pair is now traded 1.4620. And the GBP/USD is close to 1.5900 level durinf European forex trading hours. The JPY is the only currency to gain versus the greenback after reaching its 8-month low of 88.22. The pair is now traded near 90.00 mark as the latest Forex quotes show. Announcements made by Minister Fujii have producedinfluence on many traders wondering if Japan will not intervene in its currency's recent rise. If it chooses not to do that, the target for the USD/JPY may be close to 82.00 very soon.

Looking ahead to today`s events, however, the most important one will be the Conference Board's release of their Consumer Confidence announcement at 14:00 GMT. As the trend is currently pointing towards rising optimism in the US, bearishness for the USD may still be seen today.

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