Thursday, October 1, 2009

ECB`s Decision Spurs the EUR for a Jump

Yesterday the ECB announced it would lend banks 75.2 billion euros for a year term at the current interest rate of 1%. The number appeared to be lower, than it was anticipated by the experts. The EUR/USD currency pair achieved the level of 1.4634 from 1.4581 point marked on Tuesday. Loose economic policy measures encourages traders who use trading software to choose risky assets for trading.

The unexpectedly low PMI report added to a mixed results of U.S. data released Wednesday, including an improved second-quarter U.S. GDP report, but disappointing U.S. jobless claims, confirming investors' speculations that a sustained economic recovery won't take hold.

The GBP has continued its further falling against other currencies traded on the Forex currency market, unable to shake off the comments by Mervyn King Bank, the Bank of England governor that a weak Pound would be an advantage for the U.K.'s recovery from the global downturn. In today's trading the GBP is at $1.5942 versus the USD.

Today the ministers of finance of EU countries meet in Sweden to discuss further direction of the European economy.

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